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Volunteers on Christmas Bird Count identify 85 species on December 27th.  Seventeen keen birders were divided into seven areas, counting birds from dawn to dusk.

An energetic team of 15 students built and painted 25 boxes and prepared 35 kits as part of PartnerRe's Dollars for Hours Programme. The boxes (35$) and kits (25$) are for sale at Aberfeldy's. Thank you for your hard work.

Our annual Fall field trip to Spittal Pond was a great success.  We saw 9 species of Shorebird for the Global Shorebird Count and 30 species overall.  We also had a bit of excitement when 8-10 cows from the dairy decided to join us for the walk.  Read more here.

Hopefully that won't happen again, as they upset the shorebirds along the pond edge.  Many thanks to Andrew Dobson for sharing his expertise and for lugging his viewing scope around the pond so we could clearly see the birds on the far side. To see the full bird list on ebird click here.  

Our next outing will be the Harbour Cruise on Sunday, September 10th.  See you there.

Please join us for a guided walk at Spittal Pond this Saturday, September 2nd at 8am as we participate in the Global Shorebird Count.  We will meet at the car park on the eastern end.  

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Photos courtesy of Andrew Dobson, Paul Watson, Chris Burville, Ras Mykkal, Jennifer Gray, Rosalind Wingate, Rick Slaughter and others.

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