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Nonsuch Camp is a residential camp for teenagers aged 15-18 years, based on the Nonsuch Island nature reserve. Held at the end of the school year, in late June, it brings together around a dozen young people from both Government and private secondary schools for an intensive week of learning about Bermuda’s natural history, both marine and terrestrial, through daily field trips and lectures. It has long been the flag-ship programme for environmental education for our island’s youth.

The camp has been run virtually every year since 1972 and is currently a collaborative effort by Bermuda Audubon Society and Bermuda Zoological Society, with the support of the Department of Conservation Services. Campers are chosen based on their academic record, application essay, motivation and teacher recommendations as to suitability. Every effort is made to ensure a diverse representation of schools and students in the final selection.

The main objective is to provide the students with an awareness of the unique biodiversity, fragility and wonder of Bermuda’s natural environment, hopefully fostering a life-long interest and desire to protect it. Around 390 students have taken part in the camp over the years, some of whom have gone on to work in the environmental science field and many of whom have continued their support for Bermuda’s environment in a variety of ways.

Nonsuch Natural History Camp is combines both hands-on exploration and science and laboratory based academic work.  There are daily field trips to key habitats, some of which involve scientific sampling and fieldwork. Every evening there are lectures by eminent local scientists on subjects ranging from fish and corals to birds, caves, mangroves and man’s impact on the environment. Students are tested each night on what they have learned that day, and sit an examination at the end of the week. A trophy is presented to the best-performing student and to student who shows most “camp spirit”.

The students who take part in the camp have the opportunity to learn from the best of our environmental leaders in a unique forum on Nonsuch Island. The students also experience a great deal of personal and social development,  learning how to work together both in scientific teams and on the clean-up rota, as well as coping with being away from home in a very basic “camping” style environment. There are few such life-skill enhancing opportunities available in Bermuda to young people at this critical age, and for a minimal cost.

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