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January to February 2014

Highlights in this period included: Bermuda’s first records of Common Raven and Phylloscopus warbler; a rare January record of Western Sandpiper.

A Horned Grebe was seen at various West End locations 5-13 Jan (PW). Two White-tailed Tropicbirds were off Spittal Pond 31 Jan (KR). A Northern Gannet was diving off Cooper’s Point 4 Jan (E&JH). Four Gadwall, including three males were at Spittal Pond 1 Feb (AD). A Eurasian Wigeon was on Spittal Pond 19 Jan (TW). A Common Merganser was at Ireland Island to 16 Feb (WF). Both Red-tailed Hawks were over Port’s Island 9 Jan (KD). A probable Yellow Rail was on Mid-Ocean GC 14 Feb (PW). A Virginia Rail was on Mid-Ocean GC 21-22 Feb (AD). An unusual influx of Purple Gallinules, with singles at Flatts Inlet 10 Jan (AC), Spanish Point 13 Jan (AD), South Pond 26 Jan (PW) and two at Somerset Long Bay 1 Feb (PW). Two Piping Plover at Warwick Long Bay 13 Jan (DBW) may have been the same ones seen at Cooper’s Is. to 26 Jan (AD). A Western Sandpiper, the first January record for 43 years, was at Cooper’s Is. 26 Jan (AD). A Black-headed Gull in Harrington Sound remained to at least 1 Feb (JM). An Iceland Gull was in Hamilton Harbour 11 Jan-25 Feb (PW). A Black-legged Kittiwake was off Cooper’s Point 11 Jan (DBW). A Forster’s Tern was at Spittal Pond 8-16 Feb (KR). A Pomarine Jaeger was off Cooper’s Point 14 Feb (PW). A Common Nighthawk was over Khyber Pass 22 Jan (NM). An imm. male Ruby-throated Hummingbird was seen at Wreck Road 16 Feb (DBW). Bermuda’s first confirmed Common Raven was at various locations in Somerset 1 Jan-28 Feb+ (DB). Bermuda’s first Phylloscopus Warbler (probably Arctic Warbler) was on Pompano Road 16-25 Feb (WF, DBW). Cedar Waxwings (40) were in Botanical Gardens 23 Feb (TW). A Wilson’s Warbler was on the Heydon Trust 20 Jan (AD). A Chipping Sparrow was at Ocean View GC 31 Jan (AD). Snow Buntings (max 11) were at the Airport and Cooper’s Is throughout Jan to 16 Feb (AD). A Summer Tanager was in the Arboretum 1 Jan (AD).

Observers: Davis Barker, Alison Copeland, Andrew Dobson, Wendy Frith, Erich and Janice Hetzel, Jeremy Madeiros, Neal Morris, Keith Rossiter, Paul Watson, Tim White, David Wingate

March to May 2014

Highlights in this period included: the second confirmed record of Wilson’s Plover since the 1960s.

A Canada Goose that appeared to be blind in one eye was on Mid-Ocean GC 1 Apr to 10 May (AD). Wildfowl arriving in May included an American Wigeon on Mid-Ocean GC 3-10 May (PW) and a Ring-necked Duck at Spittal Pond 3 May (AD). A Common Merganser  in Mangrove Bay 27 Apr is the latest date recorded (AD). Manx Shearwater were passing at about 30 per hour off South Shore 29-30 Mar and past Cooper’s Point at 108 per hour 8 Apr (AD). A Magnificent Frigatebird was reported from St. George’s Harbour 1 Mar (per PW). A Masked Booby was photographed on Challenger Banks 18 Apr (RL). An adult Brown Pelican was in the Great Sound 14-16 Mar (AD). Trip report (DBW) on BIOS ‘Atlantic Explorer 10-15 Apr south of Bermuda White-tailed Tropicbird(2), Pomarine Jaeger (5), Parasitic Jaeger (2), Arctic Tern, Leach's Storm-Petrel (33), Manx Shearwater (6), Sooty Shearwater (6). A Glossy Ibis was at Somerset Long Bay NR 27 Apr to 9 May (RB). At least three Swallow-tailed Kites were seen at various locations 5-17 Mar (RH). A Northern Harrier was still present at the Airport 21 Apr (PA). Single Purple Gallinules were photographed at Somerset Long Bay NR 27 Apr (RB), Rural Hill 30 May (WS) and Hamilton 30 May (TAW). A Virginia Rail was at North Pond 4 Apr (AD, DBW). A Piping Plover was still present at Cooper’s Is 11 Apr (AD). A Wilson’s Plover at Cooper’s Island 1 June (AD) was probably present on the Castle Harbour islands since 22 May (JM). A Red Knot  was at Cooper’s Point 31 May-1 June (PW). Daniel’s Head Farm hosted Least Sandpipers on 4 Apr (3) and 7 May (2) (DBW). Three White-rumped Sandpipers were roosting on Pearl Island 26 May (PW) with 33 Ruddy Turnstones. The first returning Common Tern was noted in Harrington Sound 6 Apr (AD). A Royal Tern was off Daniel’s Head 15 Apr (MM). A Yellow-billed Cuckoo was noted at the Airport 21 Apr (NM). A Northern Shrike was discovered at Cooper’s Point 9 Mar AD, R&KL, PW). A Yellow-throated Vireo was seen at Stokes Point NR 13 Apr MM). One Common Raven was still present at Daniel’s Head Farm until at least 3 Apr (DBW). The first Purple Martin (2) was noted at East End Dairy 16 Mar while the first Tree Swallows (5) were seen at Horseshoe Bay 15 Mar (PW). An Arctic Warbler, a first for Bermuda, was still at Pompano to 9 Mar (WF, DBW). Warblers arriving in May included: a Cape May Warbler at BIOS 3 May (MM), an American Redstart (singing male) at Stokes Point NR 9-10 May (DBW, MM), and a Blackpoll Warbler (singing male) at Shorelands 4 May (AC). A rare MacGillivray’s Warbler was seen on Morgan’s Point 28 Mar (EN, MM). A fine male Scarlet Tanager was in a Hungry Bay garden 28-29 Apr (EH). A Lincoln’s Sparrow was seen on Morgan’s Point 29 Mar (AD).

June to July 2014

Highlights in this period included: a flock of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, the second confirmed record of Wilson’s Plover since the 1960s and another record year for the Cahow.

Thirteen Black-bellied Whistling Duck were discovered on Port Royal GC 7-12 June (AD). There had only been one previous record of this species in Bermuda in 2008. A Canada Goose summered at Ocean View GC 29 June-4 Oct (AD). Two Wood Ducks spent the summer in Bermuda at various locations (AD). The final translocated Cahow chick fledged from Nonsuch Is. 9 Jul. JM reports a record number of both breeding pairs of Cahows (108) and successfully fledging chicks this season (59). A Wilson’s Plover was at Cooper’s Point 1-20 June (AD), the second confirmed sighting since the 1960s. There was also a Red Knot at Cooper’s Is 1 June (AD, TW). A Black Tern was in Castle Harbour 24 Aug (JM).

Observers: Peter Adhemar, David Barker, Richard Brewer, Alison Copeland, Andrew Dobson, Wendy Frith, Eugene Harvey, Erich and Janice Hetzel, Robert Hollis, Ray & Kay Latter, Richard Lee, Jeremy Madeiros, Miguel Mejias, Neal Morris, Erica Nol, Keith Rossiter, Wendy Soares, Paul Watson, Tricia Walters, David Wingate.

August to October 2014

Highlights included very early Horned Grebes, a record number of Least Terns and a rarely seen Northern Rough-winged Swallow.

A Ruddy Duck was seen on Tucker’s Point GC 30 Sept (PW). Two Horned Grebes were seen at Ferry Reach 29 Oct (J&JP, PW). Ten Great Blue Herons were seen on the Castle Harbour Islands 25 Oct (JM) with a further eleven at Cross Bay 29 Oct (CB). A Glossy Ibis was at Pitman’s Pond to 23 Aug-5 Oct (AD). An adult Purple Gallinule was at Pitman’s Pond 21 Aug (AD). A Western Sandpiper was at Jubilee Road 6-7 Sept (DBW). Ten Least Terns were in Mangrove Bay 29 Aug (WF, DBW) increasing to 16 on 30 Aug (AD, PW) with another 10 at the Airport 1 Sept (AD). A Roseate Tern was noted in Castle Harbour 25 Oct (JM). Common Nighthawks have been very scarce this year with single sightings over Mid-Ocean 29 Aug (PA) and Warwick 1 Sept (AD). A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher showed well at Ferry Point Park 20 Sept. (AD, PW). A single Great Crested Flycatcher was seen at Ferry Point Park 7 Oct and 11 Oct (PW). A single Blue-headed Vireo was in Jenningsland 26 Oct (JM) and the only Warbling Vireo was on Riddell’s Bay GC 9 Sept (AD) while single Philadelphia Vireos were seen at Ferry Point Park 19 Oct (PW) and on Hinson’s Is. 23 Oct (E&JH). A Northern Rough-winged Swallow was a surprise at Spittal Pond 19 Oct (AD). A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was at Ferry Point Park 30 Oct (AD, PW). A Swainson’s Thrush was seen at Cemetery Hill 6 Oct (PW). An American Robin was at BIOS on 30 Oct (AD). Thirty-two species of warbler had been recorded this season to the end of October. A Louisiana Waterthrush at Devonshire Marsh 3 Aug (BL) was the first warbler of the fall. A single Swainson’s Warbler was at Tudor Hill 5 Oct (AD, DBW).The first of at least 4 Golden-winged Warbler sightings was made at Ferry Point 19 Sept (PW). Magnolia Warblers were one of the more commonly recorded species this year. A Grasshopper Sparrow was on Gwelly Lane 27 Oct (WF). A White-throated Sparrow at Ferry Point 19 Sept (PW) was the earliest ever recorded. Possibly the same bird was seen there 19 Oct (PW). Single Dickcissel were seen at in Southampton 19 Sept (AD) and St. Georges GC 19 Oct (AD, PW). An Orchard Oriole was seen on St. Georges GC 24 Sept (PW).

Observers: Peter Adhemar, Chris Burville, Andrew Dobson, Wendy Frith, Erich and Janice Hetzel, Jeremy Madeiros, Jayden & Julia Parker, Tim White, Paul Watson, David Wingate. 

November to December 2014

Highlights included a Redhead, the first since 1987 and a Canvasback, the first since 1979. 

An imm. Snow Goose was seen on Southside motocross track 27-31 Dec+ (RP). A female Eurasian Wigeon was at Devonshire Marsh 7 Nov to 31 Dec+ (AD). A male Redhead discovered at Port Royal GC 21 Nov to 31 Dec+ (DBW) was the first since 1987. A Canvasback at Stokes Point NR 5-31 Dec+ (DBW) was the first since 1979. Another was found at Warwick Pond 14-31 Dec (AD). An adult male Bufflehead was at Spittal Pond 5-8 Nov accompanied by a female to the 9 Nov (AD). An adult male Hooded Merganser was at Port Royal GC 6-14 Nov (AD). A wintering flock of Hooded Mergansers increaded to 18 at Mangrove Lake 2 Jan (AD). A record eight Horned Grebes were present to 31 Dec+ including 7 seen together at Somerset Long Bay (TW, AD et al.). Twenty-six Cattle Egrets reported on 2 Nov included 24 at Jubilee Road (AD). A Glossy Ibis at Somerset Long Bay remained to 31 Dec+ (AD). A number of Purple Gallinules were reported during the winter period including Somerset Long Bay 1 Dec (DBW). A Ruff was on Port Royal GC 21 Nov (AD). A Forster’s Tern was at Dockyard 27-32 Dec+ DBW. The latest recorded Least Flycatcher was on Mid-Ocean GC 14-?Nov (PW). Horned Larks (4) were first noted at Lukes Farm 26 Nov (PW) increasing to an impressive thirty-five at Bermuda Airport 28 Dec (AD).

Observers: Andrew Dobson, Jeremy Madeiros, Ron Porter, Tim White, Paul Watson, David Wingate.


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Photos courtesy of Andrew Dobson, Paul Watson, Chris Burville, Ras Mykkal, Jennifer Gray, Rosalind Wingate, Rick Slaughter and others.

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