Bermuda Petrel Pterodroma cahow

Local Name: Cahow

Status: Endangered endemic species thought to be extinct since 1600s but rediscovered in 1951. Through intensive recovery programme there are now over 100 nesting pairs.

Local Habitat: Nests only in Bermuda in natural and artificially created burrows on a few small islands.

Habits: A pelagic seabird that returns to Bermuda briefly in November and from January-June to breed. A single egg is laid each year. Visits burrows only at night.

Best Seen: Southern tip of Cooper’s Island in late afternoon and pelagic boat trips off coast. (November and January to March).

Identification:  Click here

For information on the Cahow Recovery Programme  click here

For information on artificial burrows for Cahows click here

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For a link to the live-feed CahowCam (in a burrow on Nonsuch Island) click here

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Photos courtesy of Andrew Dobson, Paul Watson, Chris Burville, Ras Mykkal, Jennifer Gray, Rosalind Wingate, Rick Slaughter and others.

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