White-tailed Tropicbird

White-tailed Tropicbird Phaethon lepturus  

Local Name: Longtail

Status:  Abundant visiting breeding bird (estimated 2,000-3,000); native

Local Habitat: All around the rocky coast including inshore sounds. Nests in cliffs and man-made Longtail ‘igloos’.

Habits: Noisy aerial courtship in the spring and summer months with male flying with tail drooped just above the female. A single egg is laid in spring, hatches early summer. Most chicks fledge and depart to sea in August. Outside breeding season, Longtails spend their time on the ocean, ranging in the Sargasso Sea, eating squid and pelagic fish.

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Bermuda Birds White tailed Tropicbird (Longtail) chick

White-tailed Tropicbird Nesting




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Photos courtesy of Andrew Dobson, Paul Watson, Chris Burville, Ras Mykkal, Jennifer Gray, Rosalind Wingate, Rick Slaughter and others.

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