Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis

Local Name: “Redbird”

Status: Uncommon naturalized species. Introduced about 1800. Once very common but numbers declined due to competition from kiskadee, starling and house sparrow and decrease of woodland.

Local Habitat: Parks, gardens, mangroves, farmland and woods.

Habits: Nests April to June, laying 2 or 3 brown speckled eggs. Feeds on seeds, fruit and insects. Enjoys sunflower seeds in cat-safe bird feeders.

Identification:  Click here

Bermuda Birds Cardinal (Redbird) eggsBermuda Birds Cardinal (Redbird) Female

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Photos courtesy of Andrew Dobson, Paul Watson, Chris Burville, Ras Mykkal, Jennifer Gray, Rosalind Wingate, Rick Slaughter and others.

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