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An early Manx Shearwater was seen off South Shore 30 Jan (AD). An Audubon’s Shearwater was seen at Elbow Beach, Paget 26 Sep (JM). A Greater White-fronted Goose, the second record for Bermuda, was in Devonshire Marsh 20 Sep-11 Oct. Two Eurasian Wigeon were at Lover’s Lake 26 Jan-Mar. A Black Scoter was on Spittal Pond, Smiths 18-20 Nov. A record ten Black-necked Stilt were at Spittal Pond 8 Jun. A Piping Plover was at Spanish point 24 Jan. A Glaucous Gull was in St. Georges Harbour Jan-Mar. Two Gull-billed Terns were off Nonsuch Island 22 Jul. A Great-crested Flycatcher was in HogBay Park 22 Sep (JM). An Olive-sided Flycatcher was seen at Hog Bay Park 21-22 Sep (AD, WF, PR). A Grey Kingbird was at Coral Beach Club 19 Sep (PR). A Northern Rough-winged Swallow was over Pembroke Dump 10 Dec. A Brown Creeper was in Jenningsland, Smiths 16 Jan-24 Mar (JM). Seven Horned Larks were seen at the Airport 25 Jan (SDS). Single wintering Yellow-throated Vireos were seen at St.Marks, Smiths 4 Jan and in Paget 19 Feb. A very late Yellow-rumped Warbler was seen in Devonshire Marsh 11 Jun (PH). An unusually late Blackpoll Warbler was seen at the Bio Station 22Dec (PW). A Louisiana Waterthrush at Compston’s Pond 8 July was the earliest fall record for any warbler species (AD). A Clay-coloured Sparrow was in Hog Bay Park 23 Sep (PR, DW). A Lapland Longspur was at East End Dairy, St. Georges 13 Nov. There were 15 Common Redpolls at Spittal Pond 15 Dec. Eight White-winged Crossbills were at Pembroke Marsh 9 Dec.

Observers: Eric Amos, Andrew Dobson, Wendy Frith, Peter Holmes, Jeremy Madeiros, Paul Reed, David Wallace, Paul Watson, David Wingate.

Longtail in flight Bermuda


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Cahow in flight Bermuda


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Photos courtesy of Andrew Dobson, Paul Watson, Chris Burville, Ras Mykkal, Jennifer Gray, Rosalind Wingate, Rick Slaughter and others.

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